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Splash at the beach

10.15 am. Good morning! The sun has been up for some times now. It’s time to get up! The air is rather humid and hot. But as yesterday has been very long no one was in a hurry. We took … Continue reading

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The longest day

We woke up to another wonderful day. Birds singing in the sunshine while the temperature was already 22 degrees early in the morning. We packed up and had a good breakfast. While packing we started chatting to a couple of … Continue reading

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Flat day

Today we woke up early to a beautiful day. Cili – our host’s wife – already left for work. While brewing coffee Gyula tried to persuade us to take our time to pack and have breakfast at home despite him … Continue reading

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Long day’s night

5.00 am… No one could sleep. Or at least no more than half an hour in one go. I wonder if that was because everyone wanted to get on the road or just because the train trip was so bad. … Continue reading

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Route des Grandes Alpes

With my mates we do shorter trips several times a year for quite some time but never went for more than 5-6 days before 2009. The main reason was usually related coordination difficulties in terms of vacation, destination, etc. The … Continue reading

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