Balkan Flare – day 13

Thursday was a ‘lazy day’. We woke up around quarter past 9 and had breakfast on the terrace of the hotel opposite the sandy beach. The hotel was a good choice. 30 EUR with breakfast included and view on the bay.


With a full stomach we went for a short walk to the beach and the port area to take some pics. 


We left the hotel at 11.30 am and went straight to refuel the bikes before heading to Bar. We sat in the centre for a coffee and to chill out a bit before getting ready to tackle our first target for the day.  

We wanted to get to the edge of the Skadar lake national park to check the view and obviously take pictures. Before turning to the nice scenic road I looked up on the map we visited Petrovac. 


The road we wanted to take starts just above Petrovac. Our destination was Rijeka Crnojevica. We took the road leading towards Podgorica but then turned left to take a very small path. It was well rewarded. although it was getting really hot we didn’t mind at all. The views were fantastic but the pace much less. We stopped now and then to take in the views and take the pics we wanted. This part of the national park is full of water lilies. Really full. And of course the obvious frogs giving a full musical background. After Rijeka we made a small detour to a viewpoint for more pictures and then took the small road again to get to road 2-3 in the direction of Budva. 

For a while we rode with three Austrian couples and stopped above Budva for some pictures before parting company. 
We continued to Kotor where we wanted to stay for the night. unfortunately all the hotels are located within the walls of the old town hence we would have had to leave the bikes outside the walls. No chance. Not only because we care for the bikes but we also didn’t want to move all our luggage on foot for such a long distance. We walked around a bit and had a coffee near the marina. The sister ship of the Costa Concordia just arrived to the bay so we watched for a short period to see if she sinks or catches fire but nothing happened. We decided to get back to Budva and look for a place to crash for the night. 
Just at the centre of town I saw a hotel sign and we immediately took a left turn to check it out. they offered a double room for 35 EUR including breakfast and safe parking for the bikes. We took it. The bikes were parked just in front of the room so we weren’t worried. We showered and changed quickly then went for a walk to the centre. 
We had a local style hamburger for dinner at a stall in the old town and walked around. The town was buzzing. People sitting in the bars and cafes until late night and parties going on everywhere. We got back quite late. 

Daily trip data:

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