Home again

I set the alarm to 70.10 am. I had a shower and packed my gear. It took two rounds to take everything down to the bike (top case, panniers, tank bag) as I repacked everything the previous evening hence I took everything up to the room.
I had breakfast and a nice coffee before I settled the bill and was ready to go. I felt the hotel Alpin at 9.00 am and was very excited that I’ll be able to hug my kids again therefore I decided to take the fastest route. I rode on route no 99 until Judenburg. I then followed motorway after motorway taking the S6- A2 – S4 – S31 and then the A4 towards Hungary.
I again visited our depot in Győr where i had lunch and a coffee with some of the colleagues before moving on. Today I didn’t really stop except for lunch and the obvious refuelling as I wanted to get home as quickly as possible. I arrived at the house at 3.45 pm where I showered and changed before taking the car to my in-laws place where the kids were staying. 

I can’t really describe feeling when I stepped in the house and they saw me. The two of them were screaming in joy and ran towards me… that’s the best ever feeling one can experience. We went home shortly after and spent the rest of the day together…
In total I rode 3014.8 km and saw some spectacular scenery but the best part of the trip was to spend time alone with no commitments and no obligation whatsoever 🙂

Daily data
Total mileage: 469.9 km
Max speed of the day: 151 km/h
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