Punte Brolla

We were back to the usual routine. Ocsi and I woke up at 6.30 as the others kept on sleeping… We had coffee and chatted about the past days while I tried to get a connection with my laptop to download my mails as I had some work to do.
They finally got out of bed just before nine and first thing Attila did was to wash his bike… After breakfast and a lengthy preparation we headed North to accompany Zsolt for some part on his way home. We took the smaller roads to Locarno which seemed a nice idea while riding though the hills on large twisty roads but didn’t seem so nice once we hit traffic while going through town. We took the tunnel before Locarno which was a real suffering. The thermometer on my computer read 48 degrees and there was no air whatsoever. I felt I’ll just stop in the middle and rather die than continue. Soon afterwards we stopped at Punta Brolla to have a splash and freshen up in the cool river. From there we took the SS337 which runs along the Melezzo creek to Domodossola. The road is perfect. One quick and sharp turn follows the other with the rocks rising on one side and the canyon running on the other.
We made a short stop for a coffee at a petrol station. Soon a coupe of Harley bikers rolled in and we immediately started to chat with them. It turned out they were heading back to France from the festival in Lugano. We advised Zsolt to tag along as he wouldn’t have to ride alone but he decided against. So we went with him to Domodossola where we said farewell to each other and we took the same road back. The road was fantastic save for the tunnel ride again.
We arrived home around 5.00 pm. We showered and dressed in street clothes and headed down to Lugano to see the Harley festival. Unfortunately yesterday was the event’s last day so we could see far less bikes as most have already left or were leaving. 
We walked around a bit in the centre then went to the shore to rent a boat. There was only five of us as John didn’t want to join. I guess he didn’t fancy the idea to ride back in the dark. So we took the boat for an hour and went for a swim in the middle of the lake while having great fun and taking some pictures.


After that we had dinner in a pizzeria and talked about the roads we have seen so far.
We rode home after 11.00 pm in the dark.

Daily data
Total mileage: 201.4 km
Max speed of the day: 131 km/h
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